Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Missing deadlines

I think we are going to miss the June deadline for Hamish's book. This will be the second time. Kogan Page have been very understanding thus far...

I'm hoping I am just having a pessimistic day, but a miracle would have to happen in the next two weeks for us to finish on time!

I wonder whether this happens to everyone writing books?


Will said...

I think it's probably your conscientious nature that means you don't like missing deadlines.

I've never attempted to keep to a book deadline, but I'm very strict on myself when I'm writing - probably explains why I dash out my blogposts so quickly. Heh.

Adtishoo! said...

I think it is probably my control-freak nature to be honest!

I also find it is easier to be conscientious with other people's deadlines than my own!

Diathi said...

As someone once said about missing a deadline for an ad: "It can be late if it's great."