Friday, 16 November 2007

IPA Effectiveness Awards 2007

MCBD and MediaCom won the IPA Grand Prix for Trident, the Metropolitan Police operation to curb black community gun crime in London. The campaign, which also won a Gold Award, lead to an 86% rise in calls providing intelligence on gun crime, and a reduction of 15% on actual gun crime.

Unfortunately, this morning there was another headline about gun crime and death. A 17 year old footballer shot in Stoke Newington. In the last year, there have been three or four shootings in the area and streets where I live. It never ceases to shock and scare me. It is so incomprehensible.

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Fencreative said...

Totally agree. Anything that can help to cut gun crime has to be applauded. What a pity so many people choose to blame advertising for society's ills rather than applauding its role in helping to deal with them.