Friday, 30 November 2007


Lateness. I've been thinking about it a lot recently, but it all came to head this morning.

I arrived for a meeting at an agency, which shall remain nameless, on time and raring to go. I was greeted hospitably and offered a drink. I said, "yes please, a cup of tea would be lovely". Quarter of an hour later, I was beginning to get restless and thirsty. Half an hour later, I was rapidly sinking into a bad mood and extremely thirsty.

After three quarters of an hour (and numerous discussions with the receptionist), I was finally ushered into a small room and the meeting began.

"So, you are X from Leeds".

"No" I said.

Cue all looking extremely confused.

"Actually, I'm Y, from the IPA".

Cue red faces from the agency and a hasty dash to grab the right set of papers. I spent the next hour trying to look cheerful and contribute interesting ideas, all the while thinking what an absolute shambles they were.

The cup of tea never arrived either!

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